Other Special Aircraft Applications

Flight Inspection

Flight inspection is vital to ensuring a safe airspace system. The excellent range, handling characteristics and expansive cabins of the Learjet, Challenger and Global families of aircraft have put them at the forefront of a variety of test and evaluation missions.

Employed by the Federal Aviation Administration and other civil aviation authorities, our aircraft can be equipped with dedicated receivers, sensors, and processing units to test and calibrate the following navigation aids:

  • Precision Approach: ILS, MKR (Up to Cat III), MLS, SCAT-1, LAAS, GBAS.
  • En route/Approach: VOR, DME, NDB, TACAN, Loran-C, VDF, UDF, RNAV/FMS, WAAS, SBAS.
  • Visual: VASI/PAPI.
  • Communications: VHF, UHF, HF, SATCOM.
  • Radar: PSR, PAR, SSR, MSSR.


Aerial Survey

We have the capacity, the expertise, and the experience to complete the most demanding aerial survey missions. For high-altitude aerial surveys of up to 15,000 ft*, our Challenger 650 aircraft can be outfitted with Microsoft's high-resolution UltraCam Eagle digital survey camera. This produces high-quality images to support precise mapping and charting services. 

In addition, Challenger survey aircraft are equipped with downward-facing lower fuselage optical glass that is protected by an electromechanical door for use in flight, ensuring optimum protection of the camera equipment without compromising image quality.

* Under certain conditions. Actual performance is dependent upon final specifications.


Windshear and Turbulence Detection

Low-level windshear and turbulence have been identified as a cause or contributing factor in a significant number of aviation accidents. To provide real-time detection and measurement of windshear and air turbulence, Challenger aircraft can be configured with the Aventech AIMMS-20 system.

You benefit from precise meteorological data regarding:

  • Airport weather advisories.
  • Atmospheric observation for scientific research.
  • Aerial application of pesticides.
  • Observations for fire weather forecasting.


Dropsonde Delivery and Monitoring

To obtain meteorological data on tropical storms for the purpose of weather prediction, our Challenger aircraft can be outfitted with full dropsonde system capabilities including an onboard control station for real time monitoring. Supplied by VAISALA, these weather reconnaissance devices with pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors and a GPS receiver can be released at altitudes of up to 41,000 ft* to measure tropical storm conditions as the device falls to the surface. 

* Under certain conditions. Actual performance is dependent upon final specifications.